Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bespoke Icon of the Week: Pete Doherty!

Whilst not wishing to glamorise smoking, drug-taking or random acts of violence against reporters, I would like to raise my usually jaded voice in praise of Pete Doherty’s spectacularly retro/modish trilby/suit combination. All you aesthetically challenged men out there, pay attention. However lacking he may be in God’s graces, however disordered his life may be behind closed doors, Doherty is still a leading light for the average-looking man, proof that a little attention to detail – a little bespoke tailoring here and there – and the world can be your oyster. Raise your voices loud and proud; repeat after me, “Pete Doherty is my icon! The ugly man’s icon! I shall follow his lead by visiting and let them measure me up for size." Well done!