Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The quirkiest job in London

I must work for the quirkiest company in London. Apart from writing this blog - which, in itself, is weird enough - I cycle round East Central on a 1950s pushbike making sure our products are ironed and posted, measure our customers for their personalised suits and every so often stand around in the cold handing out leaflets. 'A Suit That Fits', in short, are a bewildering company to work for. The product is of the highest quality (made from the finest cashmere) and our customers are some of the most stylish men in London, but an undoubtable air of mystery hangs over all our proceedings. Only the other day, handing out leaflets in the rain to drum up interest in our suits, a number of guys walked by me and flashed me the linings of their jacket. I saw the label 'A Suit That Fits' and a smile of acknowledgement passed between us. It was as if we belonged to a club that only a select few had joined.
A fews day before that we brought the streets of London to a standstill by unleashing a painted naked guy to drum up interest from the unsuspecting public. There were gasps, jeers, reserved sidewise glances and many, many laughs as he strutted and strolled his way around the capitol. We saw an amazing increase in customer interest and many, many sales.
Our goal is to be the number one bespoke tailoring service in the UK. In the meantime we'll continue cycling around East Central, beautifying the British male with our stunning cashmere suits.