Monday, September 11, 2006

A Marriage Made in Heaven

To coincide with the launch of New York Fashion Week, Brooks Brothers have announced the introduction of a ‘guest designer’ range, beginning in autumn 2007 with a 50-piece collection that will marry the traditional approach of America’s oldest tailors to the ultra-cool designs of Thom Browne. “Thom Browne's brilliant eye, his ability to foreshadow the market and offer a special look will bring a new dimension to Brooks Brothers,” said Chief Executive Claudio del Vecchio.

You bet it will. Browne, who pioneered the late 50s/early 60s ‘geek chic’ look of leaving inches of ankle exposed below the hem (see above), expressed his desire to maintain the classic tailored sensibilities of Brooks Brothers whilst throwing in a few touches of his own. One can only wonder if the streets of the UK will bear witness to an influx of exposed ankles after Brooks Brothers opened their first store in the City of London last year, ahead of an expected roll out of 10 to 12 stores in the coming years.

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Three facts about Thom Browne:

He claims Steve McQueen and Sean Connery’s Bond as two of his greatest inspirations.

His very short, retro designs were described as ‘irresponsible and childlike’ by American designer Alan Flusser.

He was the recipient of the 2006 Council of Fashion Designers of America Award for menswear.

Three facts about Brooks Brothers

Henry Brooks opened his first store in New York on 7th April 1818.

Though many people consider Brooks Brothers to be a very traditional tailor’s, in the early days they were famous for introducing the ‘ready-to-wear’ suit.

Ralph Lauren started out as a salesman at their Madison Avenue store.