Friday, December 22, 2006

'The Oyster': a suit

This is the ultimate in luxury from A Suit That Fits. Smoky, palpably-soft cashmere shot through with a delicate stripe. The softness of touch is complimented by an equally soft aesthetic in the powder-pink lining, which shimmers like mother of pearl.

This is not a suit to wear lightly. It's not a suit to overuse. It’s a piece of art, carefully crafted like a pot or a painting or a box inlaid with pearl. It requires sensitivity to appreciate it. To open the secrets inside. Slip it on and calmness sinks through you. You breathe an aura of light.

Buy it now from A Suit That Fits.

Friday, December 15, 2006

'The Accused': A Suit Review

When a man stands accused, he might as well look his best. This dark blue suit with its ultra-thin pinstripe - reminiscent of a convict's PJs - is perfect for the accused man who wants to retain some dignity in his life. It’s the suit to be caught in whilst brawling with pool-sticks after a night on the town. It’s the suit to be seen in in a court of law, just before being sent down. It’s the suit for the gangster. The suit for the thief. The suit for the hustler. The suit for the unrepentant hell-raiser…

It’s also the suit for the innocent man who wants to face his calumniators with pride.

So buy it now or go to hell! Visit A Suit That Fits.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'The Jewelled Gecko': A Suit Review

Grey means serious. Grey means elegant. Grey means powerfully conservative. Grey, in fact, means all of these things, but by no means is it a stranger to fun.
For those who take their style seriously but like to wear something bright, this is exactly what the doctor ordered - one of those combinations that work wonders on the eye. Here 'green' and 'grey' are put to stunning use, with the soft, inviting grey-ness of the cashmere-wool contrasting with the sumptuous greenness of the satin. The satin itself shimmers so gorgeously it’s practically incandescent!

Thanks to the minimalism of the flapless pockets, this suit has a particularly modern feel; the addition, however, of a slanted ticket pocket anchors it firmly in the tailoring traditions of the past. So if you feel like you’re equal parts seriousness, equal parts fun, order this suit today: we’re sure its 'green-greyness' will take your breath away! Lastly, if you're wondering why we've called it the 'Jewelled Gecko', it's because it combines the elegance of a jewel with the playful nature of a gecko. Visit A Suit That Fits for more.

Monday, December 11, 2006

'The Scholar': A Suit in Pictures

An eccentric English gentlemen asked us to create the perfect suit. This is what we came up with: a 21st century look with an edge of scholarly seriousness. Here we see the two-piece suit matched with a gorgeous satin-backed waistcoat for the complete look of bespoke elegance. Browse the photos below for a close-up of each immaculate finish; we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a work of stunning craftsmanship. What you don't see here is the flared leg, specially requested by the English 'gentleman', who turned out to be a bit of a hippy... See more at