Monday, June 02, 2008

Seasonal material

Summer is officially on its way and so as a result I've been investigating the best materials for this season’s suits so you can stay cool whilst looking hot.

There are many materials and fabric mixes on the market to choose from in the warmer months than ever before. With choices of combed cottons, linens and even virgin wool suit mixes there are also Coolmax polyesters on the market.

The golden rule when designing a suit is to choose a fabric according to weight, texture and your skin colour. The colour and style of the suit should always compliment your colouring and lifestyle, whereas the fabric should reflect the season and climate you live in.

Cotton suits are now accepted as a stylish addition to the modern man's wardrobe as they are adaptable enough to see you through the day at work and look cool in the evening worn without a formal shirt and with casual shoes. No longer associated with 80's businessmen and pop stars, these suits are perfect for the summer months and will keep you cool no matter where in the world you are.

Linen is the most breathable fabric on the market, however it is difficult to maintain as it wrinkles so easily. A cotton and linen mix may be the answer to your prayers as it is a durable and summery fabric that is not such a high maintenance cloth.

For the most adaptable suit fabric choice, a lightweight wool is a guaranteed pay off no matter what time of year. A fantastic fabric option, the wool suit has a range of weights and mixes to get you through the year. Worsted wools are a brilliant addition to the functional wardrobe as they provide durability second to none and although not as cooling as cotton or linen they will always keep you comfortable and smart looking.

Lighter colours are best at this time of year, and although a little harder to pull off in the office, a lighter coloured suit will fare better than a darker suit when the temperatures start to climb.

When designing a men's bespoke suit any respectable tailor should automatically talk you through the fabrics available and assess when you're most likely to wear the suit and for what occasion, but you should also pay extra attention to the lining of your suit to get the best and most breathable combination around. Ask your tailor which linings are available for your bespoke suit and request your lining end at the knee for a smooth look with a cooling edge.