Thursday, July 03, 2008

7 tips to make sure your suit always looks its finest

1. The defining feature as to whether any men's suit looks its best is the fit. Bespoke suits are of course a perfect choice for the man who wants to look as stylish as possible with as little effort as possible.

One aspect of the fit, which defines the overall impression your suit will make, is the shape of the shoulders. Shoulder pads are used in most modern suits these days to accentuate the shoulder to look broad and straight. These pads should stand stiff with a sloping edge to give you a relaxed look and a frame to the suit. If the pads stand out too much, no matter whether you're compensating for shoulders that naturally slope or not, you look like a Star Trek character and that is never a good look!

The shoulder shape dictates how the suit sits on your frame. Most men do not have perfectly even shoulders, so make sure the buttons on your jacket are positioned to suit your unique shape.

2. The fit of the armholes is also very important for your overall impression. Any pinch age in the fit will irritate the armpit and cause perspiration, so try your jacket with a jumper underneath before committing to the size. High armholes give a suit a good drape. Make sure your men's suit has the right movement by making big gesticulations while having it fitted. A well fitted men’s suit jacket will not lift up while you are flapping about.

3. Choosing the right colour for your suit according to your hair and skin tone can also make or break a suit. Choose the wrong tone and you will be detracting from your face - a disaster in anyone's books.

4. How you care for your suit is crucial to how it looks and how long it will last. While bespoke suits are generally built to last and most suits do not wear frequent dry cleaning too well, have your suit steam cleaned to remove wrinkles (hanging it in the bathroom while you shower will have the same effect).

5. The length of a jacket is important, as it should always cover your behind. The suit should give an impression of height when it’s done right, and getting this wrong will create a stumpy and bizarre look!

6. Match your socks to the suit and not the shoes or belt. This attention to detail will mean that even when sitting, any glimpse of the sock will not detract from the suit’s look.

7. Slim down your wallet to avoid bulges in the lining. After all the care you have taken to get your suit looking great, don’t then go and add an enormous lump to its overall look. As well as looking awful, the constant wear on the fabric will spoil its integrity.