Friday, January 05, 2007

The Beauty of Light and Black Satin

No self-respecting gentleman can expect to survive long without a dinner-suit. Whether you’re going to your end-of-year ball or some fancy do with your prestigious law-firm, our dinner-suit will make you stand out in style. More than anything, however, it’s the satin that speaks to me – one of those strange instances when the aesthetic impression becomes as powerful as a drug, exerting the same absorbing effect on the mind as those things that attract a magpie’s eyes. If there’s one thing guaranteed to intoxicate the mind it’s the effect of light on black satin – as if the very absence of colour in the fabric makes the light that falls on it shine more brightly. One is witnessing light at its most basic: at once there is the least variety – merely darkness and light – and yet the contrast between them suggests deepness, beauty and the essence of light. One is simply wearing light’s distillation. Buy it today from A Suit That Fits and dazzle at your next engagement.