Thursday, January 11, 2007

'The Grenadier': A Suit Review

Grenadine was traditionally made from the juice of crushed pomegranates. It was thus a deep blood-red. The term ‘grenadier’ might not have anything to do with ‘red’ (it comes from the French ‘grenade-man’ or ‘soldier who threw grenades’, which were, in fact, named after pomegranates due to their being a similar size - confused yet?) but to the simple folk here in Great Britain, the Grenadier Guards and their famous red coats inevitably spring to mind.
Which is why we’ve named this suit ‘The Grenadier’. It might not look especially militaristic but its profound red lining stirs the soul with noble pride, reminding us all of those splendid characteristics – unfortunately tinged with bloodlust and war – that helped make Britain great in the first place. Wear when you’re livid and want to kill some Boers. Visit A Suit That Fits for more.