Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kylie condemns the ‘ready-to-wear’ suit (allegedly)

There’s nothing worse than a man in an ill-fitting suit. So said Kylie Minogue, apparently, in conversation with a friend of a friend of a friend of mine at a London show the other night. Despite her humble beginnings in the suburbs of Melbourne, it wasn’t long before La Minogue had turned her back on the ‘ready-to-wear’ suit and decided that only bespoke tailored men would do. According to my source, the excellent quality of the average Londoner’s suit was one of the first things that young Minogue noticed on arrival in these murky shores. Perhaps it was that which made her want to date cheeky Essex chappy James Gooding, who frankly looked like he could do with a hair-wash:

"But what about me?" I hear you cry. Are you worried that a woman like Kylie could never be yours because the bespoke tailored suit just isn't in your price range? Well, thanks to the new company trend of offering bespoke tailored suits at high street prices, you need no longer fret. Visit and check out their range, beginning at £110 for the classic cashmere suit. More importantly, perhaps then Kylie will be convinced that she really does live in a land of well-fitting suits. We wouldn’t want her flying back to Oz now, would we?

Think you can handle pink?

Until recently there was something incredibly sexy about a man in pink. Not only did it say, “I’m so comfortable in my sexuality, I can wear what I want,” it also suggested a level of confidence that would inevitably translate into the bedroom. Now that every Tom, Dick and Harry has donned a pink shirt, the colour has lost some of its charm. Pink is in desperate need of an edge.

At ‘A Suit That Fits’, the London-based garment house, they’ve managed to provide exactly that. With prices starting from £170, some may find their all-pink extravaganza of a three-piece-suit, and their matching pillar-box red and emerald green suits, a bit too much to handle. Others, like myself, who can't help appreciating a man who makes an entrance, are sure to be impressed. So, my moral for today, guys, is think Dick Tracy and stand out from the crowd. Be a man. Be pink.