Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bespoke Icon of the Week: Camille Paglia!

Ok, before you run and hide, hear me out. She may be the kind of woman whose total absence of softness scares men shitless, but there’s no denying it, Camille Paglia is a mean dresser. She’s not dissimilar to Margaret Thatcher, really, with her power-dressing, liberal-despising, anti-feminist approach to life. The only big difference is perhaps the red hair, which is surely dyed.

I'm sure she wouldn't mind me objectifying her like this. Image is everything, and she must be fully aware of that. Besides, I can’t help thinking she deserves some respect for upholding masculinity - and the ideals of consumer capitalism - in the face of a pervasively androgynising, leftist influence.

So perhaps we should sit up and listen to this witch? She did, after all, rave about the ‘sublime male poetry’ of construction and design in the modern world. And what represents this 'poetry' better than the bespoke tailored suit, an article of clothing that conceptualizes everything transcendentally capitalist and authoritatively masculine in man? Don’t be scared. Give Auntie Camille a hug, snuggle down next to her bespoke-tailored side and let her tell you the stories of the Maenads who tear men limb from limb.

To assert your masculinity, visit http://www.asuitthatfits.com/

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