Monday, September 25, 2006

The Mac Returns

Let’s face it, Clark Kent always was cuter than Superman. The latter may have been unstoppably powerful and good-looking, but how relevant is his ridiculously pumped-up frame, his bryl-creamed quiff and camp attire today? Mr Kent represents something far more interesting: the uncertain man. He may not be able to save the world. He may not be able to pull off lycra. He may even be a coward or a geek. But his bewildered expression and awkward stance stand for that rare and special thing we should value in men: sensitivity.

Why must we look to the strong for our conception of the masculine ideal? Isn’t there something undeniably attractive about those who hide their light under a bushel? Men needn’t be Superman to be attractive and stylish. A little attention to one’s Daily Planet wear… a sheepish look here, an awkward gait there... and already you’re a style icon. So ask yourselves, men, would you rather don a leotard or a suit? Would you be seen dead in a cape or do you prefer this rather fetching mac? Especially now the autumn rain’s come round again…Forget Superman. Be proud of the Clark in you. Visit for some serious Clark Kent chic.

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