Sunday, September 10, 2006

Scissors: No Longer a Lost Cause

In this permissive age of the 'ready-to-wear' suit, when you can no longer turn around on the Tube without bumping into a man whose business attire looks more like a sac than a suit, what will become of these bright, shiny scissors? Thanks to the wonderful sponsors of this blog, I've been able to save a pair from utter extinction. His name is Tailor, and he can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

If you'd like to play with him (yes, I know you shouldn't play with scissors, but in the name of a good cause I'm sure you can make an exception this once), just click in the box and watch him follow your cursor. You can even help me sharpen his blades by feeding him bits of paper from the 'more' box. He makes a lovely chomping sound, too, so be sure to keep your speakers on.

Whilst playing, take time to reflect on the fate of the scissor population at large. For Tailor's existence is by no means representative. Thousands of scissors have already fallen by the wayside as machine production of the 'ready-to-wear' takes over from the ancient art of tailoring. Here at 'off the cuff!' we want every pair of scissors (and every expert wielder) to rest assured that we are committed to transforming the British male - from a sloppy, 'dressed-by-his-girlfriend' excuse for a man to a beautiful, bespoke tailored masterpiece - all at a reasonable price.

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