Thursday, September 07, 2006

Think you can handle pink?

Until recently there was something incredibly sexy about a man in pink. Not only did it say, “I’m so comfortable in my sexuality, I can wear what I want,” it also suggested a level of confidence that would inevitably translate into the bedroom. Now that every Tom, Dick and Harry has donned a pink shirt, the colour has lost some of its charm. Pink is in desperate need of an edge.

At ‘A Suit That Fits’, the London-based garment house, they’ve managed to provide exactly that. With prices starting from £170, some may find their all-pink extravaganza of a three-piece-suit, and their matching pillar-box red and emerald green suits, a bit too much to handle. Others, like myself, who can't help appreciating a man who makes an entrance, are sure to be impressed. So, my moral for today, guys, is think Dick Tracy and stand out from the crowd. Be a man. Be pink.

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