Friday, October 06, 2006

Bespoke Icon of the Week: Olivier Martinez!

They've called him the French Brad Pitt, but here at A Suit That Fits we think he's classier than that. They've called him Mr Minogue, but his potential, we think, is infinitely more exciting than that. The current face of Yves Saint Laurent, Mr Martinez is officially 'l'homme du jour', and to mark the end of Paris Fashion Week we've decided to celebrate this master of style by offering him the title of Icon of the Week.
French men, it seems, have always been honoured as Europe's 'experts of sex' - think Serge Gainsbourg and Alain Delon - but never has a man combined sex appeal with style quite as well as this. With his slick black hair and enigmatic squint, his love of dark glasses and the tailored suit, he's certainly teaching his British counterpart a thing or two about looking good. But quickly, lest we forget, I'd like to remind you that is was here, not France, that tailoring actually began. If it wasn't for the stiff, British formality of style that emerged in London in the 1700s, perhaps Mr Martinez wouldn't be looking quite so good. And all things considered, we think we like him the way he is.
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Tia O'Connor said...

I have seen this guy in a few soap movies - he interpreted the same type of character: the French Don Juan, speaking English with a pretend heavy French accent. Now that I know his name...:-)