Wednesday, December 13, 2006

'The Jewelled Gecko': A Suit Review

Grey means serious. Grey means elegant. Grey means powerfully conservative. Grey, in fact, means all of these things, but by no means is it a stranger to fun.
For those who take their style seriously but like to wear something bright, this is exactly what the doctor ordered - one of those combinations that work wonders on the eye. Here 'green' and 'grey' are put to stunning use, with the soft, inviting grey-ness of the cashmere-wool contrasting with the sumptuous greenness of the satin. The satin itself shimmers so gorgeously it’s practically incandescent!

Thanks to the minimalism of the flapless pockets, this suit has a particularly modern feel; the addition, however, of a slanted ticket pocket anchors it firmly in the tailoring traditions of the past. So if you feel like you’re equal parts seriousness, equal parts fun, order this suit today: we’re sure its 'green-greyness' will take your breath away! Lastly, if you're wondering why we've called it the 'Jewelled Gecko', it's because it combines the elegance of a jewel with the playful nature of a gecko. Visit A Suit That Fits for more.

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