Monday, February 25, 2008

Suits on the Street 2008

At A Suit That Fits we pay close attention to suit trends – we often ask ourselves, what will the suits on the streets be in 2008? Will the three-buttoned suit succumb to the two-button as the contemporary gent’s suit of choice; will formal wear continue its resurgence in popularity and will classic fabrics be superceded by lightweight, quality fabrics with the right balance of classic fit and contemporary elegance?

For us, one trend above all stands out – both men and women want bespoke suits. With the ability to design your own suit now at your fingertips and at an affordable price why sacrifice the fit, comfort and cachet afforded by a bespoke suit?

Whatever the trends for men’s suits - whether fashion or formal, work or play - a bespoke suit is a far better investment than the ready-to-wear equivalent. Choice, of course, is one element, with a virtually limitless range of fabrics and styles; comfort, will be next on your list – after all how can an off-the-peg suit even hope to compete with a suit that has been made for your body? Finally, consider extra add-ons like a spare pair of boot cut trousers and, we think you’ll agree, there is no real future for ready-to-wear suits

For those who want to emulate Daniel Craig’s lady-killing apparel in Casino Royale pay heed: there simply is no contest between hand-tailored formal wear and the off-the-peg variety. The former represents you at your very best, accentuating and enhancing your individuality; the latter… well, the less said here the better.

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