Friday, June 06, 2008

Wedding Suits

This week I've been thinking about the summer and how the season can affect your choice of suits. With summer being wedding season it's a sensible idea to consider a distinguished style of suit that will be adaptable enough to wear to work and for formal occasions.

Attending a wedding doesn't have to mean the usual morning suit look; you can choose a formal 3-piece suit as a suitable alternative and still look the part. The modern man doesn't have to conform to historical conventions in the same way a modern bride no longer has to wear the standard white frilly dress.

Choosing to wear a bespoke formal suit as the groom or as a guest is an acceptable form of dress, and with so many styles of made to measure suits available, you can still keep to your usual choice of for example a slim fit suit. If however, you belong to the main party, remember to take into account the colours for your suit.

Since most male wedding parties choose a morning suit comprising of a black coat and contrasting trousers, you can choose a bespoke suit in dark colours - although for a summer wedding a white suit is a smart and stylish alternative. You can, of course, add a splash of colour to your choice of suit even at a wedding; the colour of your lining can either be a nod to the wedding colours or just an expression of your individuality - which is let's face it is why you were invited in the first place!

The warmer weather also gives you a wider choice of fabric. One of the most popular fabrics used for men's suits at this time of year is linen. Linen has received bad press in the past due to its crease potential, but with various mixes available with a linen base, you can get the coolness that a summer occasion demands with the starchiness a suit requires to remain stylish and smart-looking, no matter if you wear it to work or to dance the night away at a wedding disco.

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